Fully accredited K-12th grade online school. Taught by experienced and credentialed teachers. Christian values. No political agendas or “woke” indoctrination.

Full-time, credit recovery, and summer school options available. Flexible schedules. Our guidance counselors help map out your student’s graduation path. Affordable tuition. School choice vouchers (depending on your state) may help with or cover the cost.

Founder of The Exodus Institute and thinkexodus.org and former teacher Kali Fontanilla explained the “epidemic” of transgender grooming she witnessed “behind closed doors” in California’s public schools. “[Students] are being encouraged to have an oppression. So, when you identify as LGBTQ… that means now you have an oppression,” “So we are seeing especially amongst young, white girls” a desire to identify as transgender, she explained, because they are at the so-called “peak of privilege” and feel “left out.”

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