Learn about the new worldview that has come into every part of our schools in force post covid. The federal government has spent billions of dollars to fund an enture new soft learning education where social emotional learning and critical theory is not just a class — every class and every exercise is taught through this “lens of equity and social justice.” This is why we hear teachers unions talk about their new mission is to create activists, social justice activists and not so much education. They see their new role as political to form the world view of the child to fit into what those at the top believe is a better way for children to learn to think and to feel socially and emotionally despite what they may have learned inside the family

A short video on the three threats inside the school system and how this affects the children

Hawaii Presentation on SEL in our schools

Susan Duffy presents What is SEL at a seminar at Hawaii Family Forum, August 2022 – comprehensive slide lecture is an overview on today’s new Social Emotional Learning with video clips and a background covering how this is a new form of soft learning with a heavy political bent meant to influence children’s thoughts and feelings in a way that could be very different to how the family teaches them at home — SEL comes with multiple surveys from a 3rd party company that collect data on children’s feelings and behavior – some surveys ask leading questions about oppression and race.

5 Min video on gender ideology in schools and the early sexualization of very young children

Interview with Deborah Fillman explaining SEL

SEL is a delivery mechanism for critical race theory